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The World Youth Latin yesterday was another landmark event in the WDSF campaign to provide you, the DanceSport enthusiast, with comprehensive coverage on competitions in all age grades. This campaign was launched in 2008, with a first 3-part programme on the World Youth Latin in Marseille

The 2010 World Youth Latin in Linz, AUT, is the other point of reference. More coverage, more viewers than ever!

NBkmSS4MYrE|2010 World Youth Latin - Linz, AUT

Yesterday's World Youth Latin will establish new benchmarks again. We have shown you parts of the championship live, we have provided results faster than ever, and we are still having a few more hours of footage that will go up here and on the YouTube channel DanceSport Total in the coming days. All the live programmes will be edited and brought to our customary HD standard soon.

e_0uFOEtRwc|The Semi-Final and Final of the 2011 World Youth Latin

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