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The Final Standings

Evgeniy Kuzin - Elina Popova RUS The final of the World Youth Latin was certainly the highlight of the day, but it also set the stage for a live television programme that will commence here at the CEZ Arena in about ten minutes. The six finalists were rushed off right after Evgeniy and Elina had performed their dance of honour and they are now rehearsing their part in the "Galashow s Latin" ... BTW: We are trying to get some footage of that to you as well. But in the first place, we would like to provide you with the final standings.

First Through Sixth

1. 42 Evgeniy Kuzin - Elina Popova RUS

2. 66 George Sutu / Ludivine Brangbour FRA

3. 14 Marco De Angelis / Alice Fabrizi ITA

4. 65 Maxim Stepanov / Viktoria Konstantinova GER

5. 13 Petar Daskalov / Christine Hojmark DEN

6. 24 Yaroslav Galay / Kateryna Klishyna UKR

There is much more going up on this blog tonight. Come back soon!