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The PIX ...

Schwarz - Gold Vienna © Schmid Unfortunately, not all 16 teams competing in Saturday's European Latin Formation were recorded on video. Sorry! But all of them were photographed by Heinrich Schmid in the first round. He forwarded a selection of his pitcures to us earlier this morning.

Someone signing under the name "Fortunately on location" - apparently a follower of our blogs - left an unflattering comment to one of our posts yesterday ...

"The WDSF pompously advertised 'Near to live' once more turned into 'Near to nothing'. It's too bad to see a basically good idea done by amateurs. WDSF should think of relaunching it on a professional basis, or just leave it to save fans and public credits!"

Should we say "touché"? Probably not. Certainly not in view of the fact that some 90 minutes of performances recorded in HD, results between rounds and photos are all available here! Nothing? A little harsh, wouldn't you say?

Dance Club Beodance, SRB © Schmid TKG Hlinsko, CZE © Schmid Clubul de Danse Sportiv Mini Maxi DC, ROU © Schmid CMG Junior, POL © Schmid