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2012 Chengdu | Strong Brand

Chengdu International DanceSport Festival Going into its second edition, the Chengdu International DanceSport Festival is well on track towards establishing itself as the leading brand in China for an event that touches on all facets: sport, exchange and industry.

The National Sports Administration is determined to support the Chinese DanceSport Federation as well as regional and local governmental and sporting authorities in perpetuating the festival as an all-inclusive showcase for DanceSport in China and around the world.

This year, a concurrent trade show will put the full range of DanceSport products manufactured in China on display. Whether it is shoes, tails or other garments, the 3,000 participants in the festival will get a chance to shop til they drop.

Last year already, the organisers had put great emphasis on transmitting their festival brand with very elaborate visuals and a fit-out that converted the venue, the Shuangliu Sports Centre, into a very colourful setting. This has been improved on further this time around.

Chengdu International DanceSport Festival