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Our View On Your Opinion

Watch your language! Whether or not to allow anonymous comments to the posts on our blogs was discussed at great length. In the end we decided to allow them until such time that moderating what YOU publish here would turn into an assignment for US.

This has clearly happened now with a few of you believing that an opinion is best expressed by using foul language and expletives, and that declaring one’s preference for a determined couple is a matter of insulting another. WDSF will not tolerate that, and the easiest way for us to stop it is certainly not by editing your comments …  But by deactivating the comment function altogether!

We had hoped that followers of our blogs would adhere to something that is sometimes referred to as "netiquette" - but that is ultimately nothing other than good manners, politeness and, above all, respect for others. Most of you do and make valid contributions. Only a few don't and look at this as their soap box from which to spout profanities, vulgarisms (it does have its place here) and insults.

For those, let this be the yellow card!