2015 GS LAT Stuttgart | It's Out! 21 August 2015 17:54

Stuttgart, GER - 14 August © Roland

The Vimeo on Demand programme on the 2015 GrandSlam Latin Stuttgart that the WDSF Communications team produced jointly with Schawa TV and the German DanceSport Federation has been released.

The 92-minute HD production features the full-length semi-final and the final of the GrandSlam Latin that was danced on 14 August. It includes interviews with the protagonists.

US$ 2.95 for a 90-day streaming period!

cgs__-e0y5I|2015 GS LAT Stuttgart | The Trailer | DanceSport Total

Starting To Sign Off 19 August 2015 12:25

Stuttgart, GER - 15 August © Roland

Over the past eight days, the "Live from Stuttgart" blog has provided visitors to this website with huge amounts of information on some of the competitions that were held as part of the German Open Championships 2015. A seven-member WDSF Communications team tried to bring you up close with nearly everything that happened at the Beethoven Hall in what was the world capital of DanceSport between 11 and 15 August. Two PD Super GrandPrix events in their entirety and GrandSlam rounds through the quarterfinal made for 300+ clips that were added to the gallery: another record!

To wrap our coverage of 2015 Stuttgart we have added a few more today. Among them are the must-see clips of the Latin and Standard showcases that were performed on four of the five nights. Here is one of them ...

4cle3rDSXQs|Valeri - Kehlet, Zanibellato - Abildtrup

Viewing Record 18 August 2015 10:06

YouTube Viewing

The benchmarks for audience reach of the WDSF Communications team's online coverage were upped once more over the past days. Not all the figures are in yet, but there is reason to celebrate already. On Saturday 15 August more than 150,000 video views were registered on the WDSF YouTube channel DanceSport Total. Friday 14 August saw an equally impressive 140,000 views accrued over the 24-hour period. Considering that this website was down or not performing up to par during a few hours on both days (something that affects the total viewing of our YouTube clips), the stats are all the more impressive.

Our editor Ferran Castanyer continues to upload clips from last week. More than 300 total should be online later today. The latest additions are the recordings of the showcases that were danced in the Beethoven Hall on 12, 13 and 14 August.

Final Moments 17 August 2015 09:32

Segatori - Sudol © V-studio

It was a magnificent GrandSlam Standard final that brought the German Open Championships to a conclusion on Saturday 15 August. "Sparkles scattered across the floor!" is the tagline of the 2015 Standard Series and the solo dances in the final brought this vision to life. In the end the home team of Simone Segatori and Annette Sudol prevailed once more, but they had to share the public's admiration with the equally inspired runners-up Dmitry Zharkov Olga Kulikova.

The WDSF Communications team will work on the backlog of videos and photographs over the coming days, adding new stuff to the already sizable galleries of this "Live from Stuttgart" blog. As of the time of writing, 1,000 photos and 250 videos have been uploaded! Much more is still to go up. For those wishing to relive the GrandSlam Standard semi-final and final in full length, the VOD programme will be available soon. Approx. 90 minutes of the best Standard dancing for US$ 2.95:

What You Get | VOD 15 August 2015 18:36

Stuttgart, GER - 14 August © Roland

The Vimeo on Demand Programme of the 2015 GrandSlam Latin Stuttgart

Some may wonder what to expect from the highlight programmes that the WDSF Communications team produces in collaboration with the host broadcaster and the organiser. Here we provide you with a 6-minute teaser to give you an idea: the best that DanceSport has to offer recorded with six cameras, full graphics, interviews with the best dancers from around the world ... Only US$ 2.95 to access the 90-minute (approx.) Vimeo on Demand programme in full HD during a 3-month streaming period. A bargain!

ax9XzI3QKSI|2015 GS LAT Stuttgart

Not To Be Missed 15 August 2015 09:39

Tsaturyan - Gudyno, RUS © V-studio

It was one of these finals that people will speak about even a few years from now. When the scores went up for Armen Tsaturyan and Svetlana Gudyno after their fifth dance, the Jive, an outburst of emotions on the part of the two Russian dancers didn't leave anybody in the Beethoven Hall untouched.

Sure, a majority of the 5,000-strong public were locals and supporters of their personal favourites from nearby Pforzheim who had scored a 10 for Partnering Skill just moments earlier. But when Armen fell to his knees after realising that he and Svetlana received their 10 for Movement to Music and scored high enough to take first in the Jive, the applause was tumultuous.

You can relive the semi-final and final ofthe 2015 GrandSlam Latin Stuttgart through our Vimeo on Demand programme that will  become available from Friday 21 August for US$ 2.95.

A 6-camera production by the WDSF Communications team in collaboration with Schawa TV and the German DanceSport Federation - DTV. The 90-minute programme is made up of four parts: the full-length final and semi-final plus two blocks of interviews with the protagonists.


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