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Meet Jacek Tarczyło and Anna Miadzielec

Jacek Tarczyło and Anna Miadzielec, POL

The 2016 WDSF European DanceSport Championship Standard will get underway at the Centennial Hall in Wroclaw, POL, on Saturday 14 May. Aside from determining the continental champions in the Standard dances for this year, the event serves as a live test of all systems that will get used for the DanceSport competitions of The World Games 2017 held at the same venue from 20 to 30 July.

Consistent with that mission, the other DanceSport disciplines featuring on the programme of The World Games 2017 will get showcased this year already: Latin, Salsa and Rock 'n' Roll.

Poland's own DanceSport World Games Champions from 2013 Cali, the Rock 'n' Roll dancers Jacek Tarczyło and Anna Miadzielec, will put in an appearance at the Centennial Hall. They only recently returned to the floor after having taken a one-year sabbatical. They danced the World Masters in St Petersburg, RUS, on 7 May and won it promptly.