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Formation News From Vienna

2017 World LAT Formation © Roland

The 2017 World DanceSport Championship Latin Formation was held on 9 December at the Multiversum in Vienna - Schwechat, AUT. WDSF Communications team member Helmut Roland was on location and provides information, photos plus the first video.

After coming in second to their perennial rivals from Germany for the last three years, the Russian DUET Perm Formation Team made it to first this year. They have always dazzled the crowds at the venue and millions on YouTube with their very exceptional routines, but this year they have convinced the adjudicators as well. It was a tight final and the margin separating Perm from the first runners-up, the Grün-Gold-Club Bremen, GER, was as minimal as it gets - not even two decimal points - but everyone felt that Perm's victory was well deserved. Second runners-up was the other Russian Formation Team Vera Tyumen.

Here is an interview with the new World Champions in Latin Formation! You can expect videos of the performances to be uploaded over the coming days.

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