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GrandSlam Latin Round Two

Helsinki, FIN - 19 March © Egli

Round two is about to start. The first round one videos are available in the Gallery, more will go up shortly. The standing for the places 49 and 73 is established and available in the "Live" result box on the right.

The number of entries is much lower than the one in 2016, when 92 couples danced the first leg in Helsinki. It's not that Latin is going out of style, but the fact that the dates for the GrandSlam had to be changed at relatively short notice and that the new ones coincided with the German Championship Latin didn't help to boost entries from there.

In any case, those who are here came from far and wide ...

2hkJQ7qWltE|Liu - Liu, HKG | 2017 GS LAT Helsinki | R1 S