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And Breaking Too!

B-Boy Moys and B-Boy Majko

In their effort to promote the holistic view on DanceSport, the organisers of the 2017 GrandSlam Hong Kong will conduct a national breaking competition alongside the one in Latin on Saturday 8 July. This competition is part of the worldwide "Breaking for Gold by WDSF" (BfG) campaign that is currently in progress to "digitally" qualify the best b-boys and b-girls in the youth age group for the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games. The altogether 12 Hong Kong breakers will have their performances recorded on video so that they can upload them to

The panel of judges for this competition is made up of three b-boying legends. Two of whom will also officiate the BfG qualifying and at next year's YOG. B-Boy Moy, who is shown here with Majko, a young b-boy from Slovakia with high ambitions and supportive friends, is one of the three judges.

Breaking for Gold? That's what B-Boy Majko is doing in the short video below! Like it? There will be more tomorrow.

JwTCBGCwEtw|Majko and Friends | Breaking for Gold