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Looking Up His Number

28 October - Moscow, RUS © Melnikova

Here is one of the stories that we promised you in an earlier post. This one is produced by the "Mestre" himself, our award-winning director Pedro Toro.

There are lots of people and plenty of good stories to be found at the 2017 Russian Open Championships and at the 2017 GrandSlam Moscow, but we cannot tell you more than two or three. Too many other things need to be done ...

Andrey Gusev and Vera Bondareva first ran into each other years ago in Moscow, while dancing with different partners. She had to "look up" his number to find out who he was. But we better let Andrey and Vera tell you the rest of the story themselves!

beino5mli_I|Vera and Number 59 | A Story | DanceSport Total