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Session With Anna

Anna de Grande

Another instalment in the "Adjudicators' Debrief" series of recordings. WDSF Adjudicators' Commission Chairman Cor van der Stroet debriefs Anna de Grande, who judged the 2017 World Latin in Vienna, AUT, in a one-on-one session held on the day following the championship.

There is no doubt that these sessions generate interest within the DanceSport community. The first two were posted three and two days ago and have accrued some 3,000 views between them already. Probably the time to watch something like this would be over the weekend. Here is a link to our WDSF DanceSport Academy YouTube channel. They are all in a playlist there!

_sTwko6lN-g|2017 World LAT Adjudicators' Debrief | Anna de Grande