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Session With Joanne Wilkinson

Vienna, AUT - 18 November © Roland

That a video of this nature and with definite technical shortfall in terms of audio quality would get viewed close to 1000 times in 24 hours should be confirmation that there is interest out there.

You can rest assured, the next sessions will be recorded with better microphones, and a few additional changes are also considered in what is the hardware used in the process. What is surprising: not many comments (other than complaints about the audio) were received. Everybody has the opportunity to add comments right here with his/her Facebook identity. Alternatively, you can do it on YouTube.

Here is the second instalment: Cor van der Stroet debriefs Joanne Wilkinson. Enjoy!

wpCk1kkYtZQ|2017 World LAT Adjuticators' Debrief | Joanne Wilkinson