2017 World Boogie Woogie Formation 17 October 2017 13:21

Boogie Magics II © BM

In contrast to the "storytelling" clip of 60 seconds' duration, here is the 30-minute multi-camera production of the 2017 WRRC Boogie Woogie Formation final danced on 7 October at the Palais des Sports in Marseille, FRA.

It follows each of the formations in the final through their entire routine. All of them try to tell their stories too: through music and costumes as well as through excellent dancing.

HJdVZD00Yxg|The Final Reel | 2017 World BW Formation | DanceSport Total

Storytelling Through Clips 17 October 2017 08:24

Marseille, FRA - 7 October © Roland

The World DanceSport Federation (WDSF) has been producing coverage on the premier DanceSport events held under its auspices for the past eight years. It started off with round-by-round videos that were uploaded to our YouTube channel DanceSport Total. About four years ago, WDSF added another outlet in the form of a Vimeo on Demand platform from where quality recordings of the decisive stages of those championships and GrandSlam Series events that had full-blown multi-camera TV productions attached were made available - behind a payment wall but at fair rates.

Dancers' portraits and background pieces were included in these Vimeo on Demand productions together with in-depth interviews. In an effort to offer similar formats for free through DanceSport Total, we now produced a number of short "storytelling" clips in Marseille, FRA. Let us know how you like them!

Here's one with the new PD World Champions Ten Dance!

cXxjo-co3uc|DanceSport - Told by Champions | Stories | DanceSport Total

2017 PD World Ten Dance 12 October 2017 12:25

Marseille, FRA - 7 October © Roland

Here is the Final Reel of the PD World Ten Dance held at the Palais des Sports in Marseille, FRA, on Saturday 7 October. We had planned to provide you with this in a more timely manner, but here it is - a few days late due to the almost overwhelming production logistics in Marseille. Six World Championships running concurrently is too much to handle with as small a crew as we had on location.

This reel and the nearly 100 photos are courtesy of Helmut Roland, who has been put in charge of covering the Professional Division for WDSF. Three other reels on the same competition are available from the gallery above or from the WDSF YouTube channel DanceSport Total.

pYtBH__MhSM|2017 PD WCH Ten Dance | The Semi-Final Reel Latin

YOG Founding Father Approves 10 October 2017 15:07

IOC Honorrary President Rogge @ BAYOG

Former IOC President Jacques Rogge outed himself as a fan of breaking in an interview with the organisers of the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games. "I never dreamed back in 2007 that breakdancing (breaking) would be on the programme for a Youth Olympic Games (YOG),” laughed Jacques Rogge, the former President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the person who did more than any other to bring the YOG to life.

Rogge is recognised as the "founding father" of the YOG and the games' first edition held in Singapore in 2010 was certainly one of the highlights of his Presidency of the International Olympic Committee (2001 - 2013).

What better endorsement could breaking get than that of the man whose vision is at the origin of the YOG as a showcase for new Olympic sports. Karate, sport climbing, roller speed and the aforementioned DanceSport will premiere in Buenos Aires 2018.

h9NzkQPHZws|D-Matt, CAN vs Rerunn, USA | YOG QUAL Americas

Much More Still To Come ... 09 October 2017 11:51

Silverback Open - Wayne, USA

After one of the busiest weekends ever - one with six World Championships taking place in Marseille, Fra, and the YOG Qualifier for the Americas going down in Philadelphia, USA - we are far from being done uploading clips with coverage on nearly all events that were contested.

Here is another clip of the YOG Qualifier: B-Boy Marsue, COL, and B-Boy Connor, CAN, tie the two battles of their round-robin face-off. Both b-boys qualify for the 2018 WDSF World Youth Breaking in Japan.

_dtYYS3aT8g|B-Boy Marsue, COL vs B-Boy Connor, CAN | YOG QUAL Americas | DanceSport Total

New Champions In Ten Dance 08 October 2017 20:21

Dumitru Doga - Sarah Ertmer, GER © Roland

New World Champions are crowned in Ten Dance: Dumitru Doga - Sarah Ertmer, GER, maintained the momentum from the European Championship in Copenhagen, DEN, back in February through to the 40 dances it took today to get the gold. First runners-up were - not at all unexpectedly - Winson Tam - Anastasia Novikova, CAN, ahead of the third-placed Evgeny Sveridonov - Angelina Barkova, RUS.

A red card needed to be shown to a supporter of the sixth-placed Kirill Medianov and Elisaveta Semjonova, EST. One of their fans came close to committing an outright physical aggression against an official.

We apologise to Daniil Ulanov - Kateryna Isakovych, CYP, as we had previously reported that it was one of their fans. 

Snv7by8Pyes|Doga - Ertmer, GER | 2017 World 10D | R1 S | DanceSport Total

Vimeo on Demand | 2017 World Ten Dance 08 October 2017 14:21

2017 World Ten Dance

It is the 42nd edition of a World Championship in DanceSport's decathlon that gets contested in Marseille FRA. The first edition was held back in 1959, but there were a few hiatuses when none was held. For the records, Bjorn Bitsch and Ashli Williamson are the World Champions with most titles to their names: four and won consecutively between 2010 and 2013 ... They just got their fifth world title in Professional Ten Dance last night, after turning pro not even a full month ago.

Of all the 36 couples that have entered this year there is none with a title to their credit. Last year's World Champions Jaak Vainomaa – Taina Savikurki, FIN, separated immediately following their win in Vienna, AUT. There is a couple with a recent (2017) European title - Dumitru Doga - Sarah Ertmer, GER - as well as European Champions (2016) who did not even make it to Marseille: Konstantin Gorodilov - Dominika Bergmannova. And then we have a few couples that have been on or near the podium for a number of years already. Seniority in this category have Daniil Ulanov - Kateryna Isakovych, CYP, and Winson Tam - Anastasia Novikova, CAN, are the juniors.

So here you have it, we dropped a few names of dancers who could be ending up on the highest echelon and who could be crowned as the 43rd WDSF World Champions in what is - without a doubt - DanceSport's most physically taxing event. Whoever makes it to the top will have danced 40 times . They will have changed between Standard and Latin attires four times.

Watch it all through a 7-camera production in High Definition covering the decisive stages of the 2017 World Ten Dance. Below is the romotional reel for the Vimeo on Demand programme. It should be available by 17 October from our VoD platform. US$ 3.75 for 3-month streaming.

2gsfH9RQaFo|2017 World Ten Dance | The Promo | DanceSport Total

Six And Counting 08 October 2017 08:11

Add title

A brief search on our YouTube videos of “Bjorn Bitsch and Ashli Williamson” results in at least 200 videos, the oldest dating back to 2009. No, we weren’t hacked, this Danish couple has been around for quite a long time, 15 years! Having covered Adult Standard, Latin and Ten Dance for about a decade, they retired from this category one month ago in Chengdu, after becoming World Champions of ShowDance Standard.

Yesterday’s World Ten Dance PD marked the couple’s second competition as pros. More importantly, yesterday was the first time after 2013 that Bjorn and Ashli were competing with Latin dances, as they had decided to focus on Standard for their last four years in Adult.

When asked about their plans and expectations within the PD, Bitsch and Williamson say that nothing is too clear yet. However, what is certain is that they have started strong – with a third place in their first World Standard in Prague and now a victory in their first PD Worrld Ten Dance in Marseille.



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