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Boogie-Woogie... In Formation!

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Boogie-Woogie’s origins can be traced back to the birth of Lindy Hop in the 20’s, with its arrival to Europe after WWII. The main development of this dance took place in Germany, where it took the name of Boogie-Woogie from the music style that was popular back then. However, boogie-woogie can be danced to various musical styles, including rock’n roll. The main modalities in boogie-woogie are slow and fast, and while the usual six beat step variation is characteristic, it is also clear that what is particular to this dance is the liveliness, the emotion, the fun and the improvisation it requires.

These spontaneous characteristics of Boogie-Woogie should intuitively pose a challenge for teams that participate in the formation competitions. While being lively, having fun and expressing emotion, couples have to follow the six-beat step variation and be synchronized with their figures. This form of Boogie-Woogie dancing leads to a team effort that is very spectacular to watch.

In Marseille, a total of 8 teams of 8 couples each are competing in the single-class World Championship of Boogie-Woogie Formation. The teams, formed by couples of all ages from Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Ukraine and Russia, have come to the Palais des Sports with impeccable choreographies and original uniforms. Some teams have even prepared themed choreographies, as can be seen on our story on Instagram (@wdsfdancesport), with a team of pilots and stewardesses.

More videos are up on our YouTube channel and in the gallery above.