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Live Stream from Philadelphia, USA

Silverback Open - Wayne, USA

Courtesy of the Silverback Open we are able to offer you a live stream of the one-vs-one knockout battles that will determine today's Silvderback Champion. The programme is produced by the Stance team, the world leaders in capturing the essence of breaking on video.

The group around Daniel Zhu was also responsible for the recording of the footage on the YOG Qualifier for the Americas, which we are in the process of uploading over the next few hours and days.

In addition to the productions coming out of Marseille, you will be up-close with the best breaking action there is anywhere. The player will be placed above the posts.
And eventually you will get to enjoy yesterday's battles too - from the YouTube channel or the blog gallery!

l6UisrLN8u8|Carlitoz, COL vs Connor, CAN | YOG QUAL Americas | DaAL Americas