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Storytelling Through Clips

Marseille, FRA - 7 October © Roland

The World DanceSport Federation (WDSF) has been producing coverage on the premier DanceSport events held under its auspices for the past eight years. It started off with round-by-round videos that were uploaded to our YouTube channel DanceSport Total. About four years ago, WDSF added another outlet in the form of a Vimeo on Demand platform from where quality recordings of the decisive stages of those championships and GrandSlam Series events that had full-blown multi-camera TV productions attached were made available - behind a payment wall but at fair rates.

Dancers' portraits and background pieces were included in these Vimeo on Demand productions together with in-depth interviews. In an effort to offer similar formats for free through DanceSport Total, we now produced a number of short "storytelling" clips in Marseille, FRA. Let us know how you like them!

Here's one with the new PD World Champions Ten Dance!

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