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A Great Evening, Nevertheless

Donatas Vezelis - Lina Chatkeviciute, LTU © Roland

Even though we didn't have a live audience watching from around the world, we had us a great evening nevertheless. A hotly contested PD Super GrandPrix Standard Stuttgart was the mainstay. Winners were Donatas Vezelis - Lina Chatkeviciute, LTU, with Bjorn Bitsch - Ashli Williamson, DEN, and Andrzej Sadecki - Karina Nawrot, POL, as first and second runners-up, respectively.

Five spectacular shows performed by professionals and a very emotional farewell ceremony for two exceptional champions complemented the Super GrandPrix competition.

Benedetto Ferruggia and Claudia Koehler repeated their sign-off from competition that had the audience up on their feet in Caorle, ITA, two weeks ago in front of their hometown crowd. That standing ovation in Stuttgart was at least as long as the one in Italy.

We guarantee you that you won't miss anything. Just as soon as the network service is restored at the Liederhalle or anywhere nearby, we will start uploading to - and some of it to this site too.