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B-Boy Pre-Final Bracket

And here is the bracket for the B-Boy Final that will conclude this 2018 WDSF World Youth Breaking in Kawasaki, JPN.

Here we can honestly say that B-Boy Bumblebee facing off with B-Boy Shigekix in the battle for gold was the prediction of nearly all the experts.

Where uncertainty starts to come in is in the outcome. We did talk to Bumblebee just moments ago, asking him about being intimitated by Shigekix. "Fear, definitely not! But I respect Shigekix a lot. We are friends. This we'll be the first time we battle each other. And I am ready!" Good answer, Bumblebee!

rOjJCQpZAGY|Dail, KOR vs Kenji, ITA | 2018 World Youth Breaking | RR