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B-Boys Communicating

As we did one week ago with the blog on the European Latin from Debrecen, HUN, we commit this one to memory too by archiving it together with the other 118 that we produced since 2011, the year this website was rolled out.  There were another six blogs available prior to that year, created during the experimental stages as WordPress blogs. Some of them might have stirred up controversy, there were negative comments occasionally, but this one seemed to come under particularly heavy attack. We had to delete one comment: not for what was expressed - for form only. We are one of the few International Sports Federations with

Social Media Rules.

Without repeating the comment, which has been circulated widely as an e-mail by now, we reply to the fictitious character who has submitted it as follows.

“WDSF has taken note of your comment. While we disagree with the overall tone of your message, and the figures you mention are factually incorrect, we are happy to clarify our position for you.

WDSF regards the variety in DanceSport disciplines as one of its greatest strengths. We are open to all forms of dancing and across all styles, dance remains the distinguishing artistic mark and the bond that brings all different dancing communities together. Our spirit is truly inclusive and we are proud to transgress all barriers of age, gender and culture.

WDSF encourages healthy debate and respects differing viewpoints but we kindly ask that all posters refrain from making inflammatory comments or baseless accusations here. There are other platforms better suited to such debate and we welcome discussing any issues you may have with you there.”

As to what gets published by us on this website, we remind you that everything must be in compliance with our

WDSF Media Relations Code.

If you should feel that some of it is not, the very code gives you isntruments to have whatever it is removed and to have us sanctioned for breach of the WDSF Code of Ethics. In lieu of slandering us in the social media, try that road!