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It's Rimini time!

La Fontana dei Quattro Cavalli

As most of Rimini is slowly waking up, there are already dozens of people sunbathing on the beach. The Rimini beach is not just a normal beach. It is stretching more than 15 kilometres with fine sand and facilities. Lifeguards are already on duty and we can spot some swimmers and children playing in sea water. And it is 9 am!

The Quattro Cavalli Fountain (in photo), situated at Parco Federico Fellini close to the beach and the Marina Centro, has an interesting history, starting from the inauguration on June 1928. It is one of the most famous landmarks in Rimini, so we had to pay a visit there, too.

But it is not the beach and sights we are here for! The WDSF Communications Team will keep themselves busy on Friday, as preparing for the GrandSlam weekend is progressing. The technical meeting with the TV production takes place at the venue in the afternoon. And, we also have not the normal two, but three very interesting and fun interviews with couples ahead. We are looking forward to those!