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The 2019 WDSF GrandSlam Series Latin Final

Armen Tsaturyan - Svetlana Gudyno (RUS) © Egli

The 2019 WDSF GrandSlam Series Latin Final started with an electrifying first round with couples introducing themselves to the Chinese spectators and by setting the scene to the rest of the evening. Since there were only three rounds in the whole competition, the couples had to show their best performances starting from the first dance of the day.

After the first round we had to say goodbye to Paul Moldovan – Cristina Tatar (ROU), Yan Bangbang – Du Yujun (CHN) and Li Jiaming – Li Ziwei (CHN). Ten couples proceeded to the second round, the semifinal. And just like the procedure goes, four couples had to leave the competition after the semifinal, and six couples continued in the running to become the 2019 WDSF GrandSlam Series Latin Winners.

Andrea Silvestri – Martina Varadi (HUN), Andrey Gusev – Vera Bondareva (RUS), Charles-Guillaume Schmitt – Elena Salikhova (FRA), Edgar Marcos Borjas – Alina Nowak (POL), Marius-Andrei Balan – Khrystyna Moshenska (GER) and Armen Tsaturyan – Svetlana Gudyno (RUS) made it to the final.

There were three duels in each dance, and the couples were competing not only for the good scores but also for getting all the attention of the Chinese crowd. The signature moves of the couples in different dances earned them - without a doubt - the loudest cheers.

As the five dances were over, there could be only one winning couple. Armen Tsaturyan - Svetlana Gudyno (RUS) expressed and impressed on the dance floor not only the audience but also the adjudicator panel, and they climbed to the highest step of the podium.

The final standings:
1. Armen Tsaturyan - Svetlana Gudyno, RUS
2. Marius-Andrei Balan - Khrystyna Moshenska, GER
3. Andrey Gusev - Vera Bondareva, RUS
4. Charles-Guillaume Schmitt - Elena Salikhova, FRA
5. Andrea Silvestri - Martina Varadi, HUN
6. Edgar Marcos Borjas - Alina Nowak, POL


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