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The GrandSlam Latin Final - day has started

Interviews © Castanyer

We started the GrandSlam Latin day with this lovely Standard couple from Estonia, Madis Abel and Aleksandra Galkina. They demonstrated some pretty unusual skills during the interview! It was so much fun and it was a really nice and positive start for the day.

But, as always in life, with positive there is unfortunately also some negative. We have been experiencing some problems with our internet connection at the venue. The guys are working really hard to find a solution and a back-up solution for the live stream at DanceSportTotal, and we are not really sure yet how everything will come up. We already have a back-up plan if the live stream doesn't go out, but let's not go there yet. We are keeping our fingers crossed so that all would work out fine this evening.

Otherwise all is running smoothly. There will be a special Opening Ceremony, of which Madis and Aleksandra didn't give us a clue yet. We are curious to find out what it is and looking forward to the evening at Luwan stadium.