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Nearly full house celebrated with Armen and Svetlana

2019 World Championship Latin Final | © Egli

It was an unforgettable day for Armen Tsaturyan – Svetlana Gudyno (RUS), who won their second World Title on Saturday in their home town, surrounded with their families and friends. Almost every seat was occupied in the Megasport Arena making the atmosphere "Incredible!", as they praised in the Winners’ interview.

”Already when we got to know the World Championship would be in Moscow, in Russia, we were waiting for it, and it inspired everybody even more”, Svetlana said. ”The support of the audience was incredible and something really special”, Armen commented. ”The final was the highlight of the day, and we felt the final was the best round for us tonight”, he continued, but added that there are still many things to improve for the upcoming competitions. ”For tomorrow, it’s important to analyze and to improve”, Svetlana concluded.

Marius-Andrei Balan – Khrystyna Moshenska (GER) won the silver medals and they were happy with their dancing. ”We feel great”, they said. ”We felt very nice between us. We felt really free dancing and enjoying, probably because we had in our minds all day that tomorrow we are going on holidays”, Khrystyna laughed. ”For me, the best is when everything goes, let’s say, against in a way. I mean, we came to Russia to dance against the World Champions, which we were very close in the last World Championship. For me it was fantastic, because I could enjoy and somehow the public was still warm, and then everything turned out nice. And music was fantastic, every single song”, Marius praised and continued: ”Almost all the places were occupied. This is something which dancers wish, always to have it like this. It happens in several places, but in such a big hall as this, it’s fantastic!”

Timur Imametdinov – Nina Bezzubova (GER) won the bronze medals. ”It was an honor to dance in Moscow, in Timur’s home town. It was a very well organized World Championship, and we enjoyed it a lot”, Nina said. ”It was an amazing competition”, Timur added. ”The final was the highlight, also the Formation final was amazing. Today, I think all the couples in the final did a great job. It was one of the best World Championships in recent years”, he admired. ”We did it! With all the things that are covered and unknown, we did it!”, Nina said. ”Yeah, we did a good job today”, Timur agreed.

The fourth place went to Andrey Gusev – Vera Bondareva (RUS), who were also receiving loud support throughout the final, energizing the couple which seemingly enjoyed being in the spotlight. Charles-Guillaume Schmitt – Elena Salikhova (FRA) were the fifth and Andrea Silvestri – Martina Varadi (HUN) sixth, repeating their results of last year’s World Championship.

With another highlight of the year behind us we can now start moving on towards the next ones. There is still a lot to come this year, starting from the World Urban Games next weekend in Budapest, Hungary. For Moscow, we can say it’s a wrap, but we’ll see you again in October, at the fifth and the final qualifying leg of the 2019 GrandSlam Series. Do svidanya!

8TFa9EksM6o|2019 WDSF World Latin Champions ITW