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Happy St George's Day

Good afternoon from Sant Cugat, CATALONIA, Spain. From the venue of the 2011 IDSF European Youth Latin we wish you all "Feliz Sant Jordi!" ...

Sant Jordi Hard to understand for those who have never experienced it, Saint George's Day is a popular festive day when book and rose stalls, and, above all, floods of people, take over the streets of all Catalan towns and villages. The celebration could not be simpler: the ritual consists of going for a walk and buying a rose, a book or both to give to loved ones, family members and friends. Although it is not a public holiday, the day and the essential walk fill the streets and squares, making it a unique national festival celebrated on a working day.

Please refer to the organisers' website for more information on St George's importance on Catalan society!

In about one hour we will start with our live blog.