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Final Floor Follow-Up

New Floor The "Just in time!" concept appears to work for the Cali Local Organising Committee as a modus operandi. At least for DanceSport! There is now justifiable hope that eight hours from the time of posting this news item the floor will be in at the bullring.

That will then be exactly ten hours from to the start of the competition! Just in time! Significant advances have been made by yet another motivated crew in covering the perfectly level platform with parquet over the past few hours. WDSF Sports Director Marco Sietas stayed at the venue until it was possible to extrapolate the finishing time for the process to be concluded with a reasonable degree of certainty.

Speaking of the start of the competition: we erroneously announced in the last few posts that Standard would be on today - Saturday 27 July - and Latin would be on tomorrow. WRONG! Latin today, Standard tomorrow is the appropriate order! Apologies!