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The World Games Experience

The World Games 2013 Cali Sports have much to do with emotions. This also holds true for top-level competitive sports played out in front of spectators.  There, it's the emotions on the part of those who do sports - who try hardest, who give their best - and on the part of those looking on and sharing in the emotions of the sportsmen and women in competition.

To appreciate the importance of The World Games for the participating athletes, one needs to be able to grasp the full range of emotions that they are exposed to during such an event.

Opening Ceremony It is an experience very different from what the athletes are used to in their "normal" competitions - in world championships or other prestigious events - as it is heightened in every respect, in terms of scale and intensity.

German Salsa dancer Aki Kalaitzis had his camera running when he paraded together with his partner Maria and the other members of the DOSB delegation during the Opening Ceremony at the Pascual Guerrero Stadium on 25 July. Watch and share the emotions!

BE9Z1QdKX0o|The World Games Opening Ceremony - Salsa Germany Aki & Maria