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Who's Dancing for ... AUS

Only one couple is representing Australia in the DanceSport events of The World Games 2013 Cali: Laurence Moldavsky - Nicole Prosser will compete in Latin. 

Laurence Moldavsky - Nicole Prosser, AUS Laurence has been competing in Latin American since the tender age of six. He represented Australia in two World Dancesport Championships: the Junior World Ten Dance in the Czech Republic and the World Latin in Lithuania, both held in 2007. He was also the winner of "Strictly Dancing" Series 3 on the ABC network.

Nicole has over a decade of experience in many different forms of dance. She has studied dance at Wesley Institute, virtually all styles: Latin American, Jazz, HipHop, Contemporary and Classical Ballet.

“My Latin dancing has grown immensely through my academic work,” states Nicole. “Studying Ballet, Jazz and Contemporary, something I’ve never done before Wesley Institute, as well as other styles, has allowed me to explore the different ways in which I can execute not only a movement, but understand the inner feeling and spirit that influences everything we do in dance."