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Who's Dancing for ... USA

"The Opening Ceremony will be July 25th! Our athletes will be marching out with the athletes from other sports representing the USA. This Olympic Family event is going to be a great experience for all the dancers," USA Dance Director Ken Richards wrote on facebook at the end of June. And he was able to follow up with "some very cool news for the World Games athletes" on 18 July: "The USOC just sent Ralph Lauren jackets - just like those worn by the US Olympic Team - for them to wear in the Opening Ceremony alongside of all the other sports from the USA."

Wearing these Ralph Lauren jackets will be six U.S. dancers:

Yuriy Nartov - Yuliya Blagova have been entered in the Standard event on 27 July, a day that happens to be National Dance Day back home.

Edward Golbert - Maryanna Krasko Edward Golbert - Maryanna Krasko © Włodzimierz Wawro are making up the Latin couple competing on Sunday 28 July.

Kumo Tineo - Christina Tully will dance in the Salsa event that is scheduled to start on 27 and end on 28 July.

The WDSF database does not yet include much information on any of the six American athletes. This has much to do with the tardy applications for the WDSF Athlete's ID Card.  But we are certain that after they arrive in Cali they will fill in the profile sections of their listing and provide more background on their lives and sporting careers.