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924 Breakers | 80 Countries

B-Boy Sämyo: Ready For Paris 2024

We are getting very close to being able to announce the final numbers for the Breaking for Gold campaign through 31 July 2017, end of day UTC. The count stands currently at 924 videos submitted to the platform by b-boys/girls from 80 countries. And submissions are still getting processed, like the one of Raj Kumar Sain, aka  from Jaipur, IND. Unfortunately, his can no longer be considered. Just as quite a few others, which were submitted as #iambreakingforgold through Instagram or Facebook - but which were never formalised by uploading to the platform as per our instructions.

The jury will soon be in session, with the panel of expert judges about to determine the best five b-boys and b-girls, respectively, per country and to verify that those b-boys/girls representing countries from where fewer than five submissions per gender were received have the level required for Stage Two of Breaking for Gold!

Here is one of the videos submitted by a member of Ali Barkat's Street Dreamers Crew in Karachi, PAK: B-Boy Walochee

Remember, Ali's crew is the focus of a documentary on breaking in Pakistan. Director is Karim Baig. He has a crowdfunding campaign going on INDIEGOGO ... Chip in!

BPkW4vrmQbc|B-Boy Walochee