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A Long Shot | Breaking for Gold

B-Boy Cha Cha

B-Boy Cha Cha Kong is a man with a mission. Through his School of Hip Hop and a city-wide outreach programme, he provides Hong Kong’s troubled youth with the chance to dance. Cha Cha is always on the lookout for young people who might need his help. "They tend to be wary about talking to social workers," he says. "It's easier for me, a dancer, to approach them. If I can get them interested in dancing, there is a much greater chance that social workers can get through to them."

After all, the formula had worked for him some 15 years ago! "I was a troubled youth, a school dropout. I know how it feels to be labelled as someone incapable to do anything right,” he says. "Everyone has the chance to be successful. I was lucky to have found dancing and I hope that my story can inspire others."

This month Cha Cha looks after the six b-boys and six b-girls taking part in “Breaking for Gold,” the digital qualification process which he hopes will identify one of them to represent Hong Kong in the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games. A long shot, he knows. But Cha Cha has taken many of those in his work as a Hip Hop teacher/social worker.

The deadline for the first stage of "Breaking for Gold" is 31 July 2017, end of the day UTC! If you have not yet uploaded your video to, do so now!

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