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Benedetto Ferruggia and Claudia Koehler, GER

Wroclaw, POL - 27 July © Roland

Benedetto Ferruggia and Claudia Koehler, GER, kept the upper hand in a duel that, for the first time since 2013, had pit the best of the Professional Division against the "best of the rest" in the Standard dances. The careers of two great dancers seemed destined to culminate in this victory. Benedetto and Claudia rose to the occasion by preparing for The World Games 2017 like they used to do when they were still dancing as "Amateurs." They had danced seven PD competitions during the seven months leading up to Wroclaw, the same number as that of their opponents, Dmitry Zharkov and Olga Kulikova, RUS.

It was a fantastic final that received the acclaim of the nearly 4,000 in attendance and, in particular, of the Honorary Life President of the International World Games Association, Ron Froehlich, who took it upon himself to award the medals.

With this medal, Benedetto and Claudia are the first dancers to win two gold medals (and one silver) in The World Games.