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Bring On The B-Girls

B-Girl Narumi | BfG Judge

This pitch is made from Wroclaw, POL, with a short video that was recorded in Hong Kong: B-Girl Narumi talks about young breakers of both genders trying to qualify for the Youth Olympics next year.

B-Girl Narumi is a breaking legend and on the panel of judges for "Breaking for Gold," the qualifying process for the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games.

With only a few hours left in the first stage of this process, it's the b-girls who perform below everyone's expectation and below the level of their participation in the dance. B-boys vs b-girls: 7:1 in the number of videos submitted to!

B-girls, you can still submit your video! But there are only a few hours left!

JQH_F1B7I_I|B-Girl Narumi | Breaking for Gold