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DanceSport Athletes Honoured

Athletes of the Day © IWGA

Every day of The World Games 2017, the International World Games Association awards a TISSOT watch to the "Athlete of the Day." On the final day of the games, the jury of experts couldn't help but select four awardees: the legendary floorball player Mika Kohonen (FIN), Chen Siming (CHN), winner of the gold in Pool, and the DanceSport athletes Anna Miadzielec – Jacek Tarczylo (POL). IWGA Vice-President Max Bishop was to present them with their watches during the Closing Ceremony on the stage of The World Games Plaza.

Less than one hour before this presentation was about to happen, Anna and Jacek were declared "missing in action" by the people who were supposed to bring them to The World Games Plaza. The phones were running hot with calls between the WDSF Communications Team and Kresimir Bosnar, the General Secretary of the World Rock 'n' Roll Confederation, as well as Magda Czarnocka, the Deputy Competition Manager for DanceSport at TWG 2017, for one reason only. Anna and Jacek did not answer their phones. The trainers of the 2017 World Games Champions in Acrobatic Rock 'n' Roll, Bartłomiej Kobylański and Andrzej Łuczak, were contacted by phone too. Nobody knew where the couple was less than an hour prior to showtime ... But when the call was made for them to come to the stage, Anna and Jacek were there, happy to receive another award which singles them out as great dancers and athletes in a very challenging sport.

They were - according to the script of the Closing Ceremony - supposed to be involved in the handover of the International World Games Association's flag from the Mayor of Wroclaw to the Mayor of Birmingham. They were announced but never seen on stage. They were MIA once more. Anyway, congratulations Anna and Jacek: you really deserved to be the highlight of tonight!

And you were not the only ones hard to round up: pool player Chen Siming was never seen or heard of.

h2jstvAaXl8|Tarczylo - Miadzielec, POL | TWG 2017 R&R