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Dear Friends in Sport

Wroclaw, POL - 27 July © Roland

The President of the World DanceSport Federation addressed athletes, officials and public during the Opening Ceremony to today's DanceSport events. He concluded his speech expressing his hopes for the same magic being created between dancers and public that many remember from The World Games 2013 in Cali, COL.

Salsa and Standard are featured on 28 July, Latin and Rock ‘n’ Roll on 29! That’s four events about as contrasting as they come – and for good measure we also present a showcase of Breaking. Courtesy of five b-boys who aspire to compete in the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympics!

Between the 150 dancers – I am sure –  they will try hard to produce magic. And if their sparks happen to jump to the public in the Centennial Hall, we should be in for some very special moments here too.

To those who arbitrate and to those who dance I say: “Be at your best tonight! Be excellent – but be fair!”

Now, let the games begin for all of you too! Good luck and good dancing!