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Four Days To Go

Dmitry Zharkov - Olga Kulikova, RUS © HKS

The DanceSport events of The World Games 2017 are scheduled on Friday 28 (Salsa and Standard) and Saturday 29 July (Rock 'n' Roll and Latin). The athletes and officials, nearly 200 people who make up the WDSF contingent, start to arrive in Wroclaw from 25 July and should all be here for the training day on Thursday 27 July.

The world #1 in all four events - in Acrobatic Rock 'n' Roll, Latin, Salsa and Standard - will compete in these games and the three reigning World Games Champions from 2013 will try to defend their title. This includes the Salsa Champions Jefferson Benjumea - Adriana Avila Molina, COL, who were the declared darlings of the 17,000 packed into the Cali bullfighting ring.

For all who can't wait for the DanceSport competitions to start here in Poland we recommend to spend the US$ 3.75 to watch either of the two programmes on the recent GrandSlam Hong Kong, each offering more than two hours of top-level dancing, insightful interviews and backstage coverage.

hfq88XWor8g|2017 GrandSlam Latin Hong Kong | The Trailer | DanceSport Total

2017 GrandSlam Latin Hong Kong

9twqP68rXSo|2017 GrandSlam Standard Hong Kong | The Trailer | DanceSport Total

 2017 GrandSlam Standard Hong Kong