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I Have Danced In Both

Wroclaw, POL - 27 July © Roland

This is B-Boy Flysi from Belgium! He is one of currently 600 young b-boys and b-girls from around the world who are taking part in the first stage of qualifying for the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games (YOG) through Breaking for Gold!

Together with four of his friends from the Battle Droids crew, Flysi performed in two spectacular showcases that swept the crowd off their seats on the first day of the DanceSport events at The World Games 2017. They will show more of their moves at the Centennial Hall today! If one of the five breakers should qualify for YOG, he will be the only b-boy able to say: "I have danced in both, TWG and YOG!"

In the meantime, the Youth Olympic Games promote Breaking for Gold through this video. It features B-Boy Flysi too!