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Perform For Legends! Become A Legend!

BfG Submissions as of 27 July

Time is running out and the deadline for the first stage of "Breaking for Gold" is rapidly approaching. You have to submit your video prior to 31 July 2017 - end of the day UTC - in order to be judged by our panel of b-boying legends.

Finally, the submissions are starting to pour in - but unfortunately there are always some that have to be rejected because of non-compliance with the rules. Read through them before you upload >

Probably the most common mistake is dancing to music that is not provided by one of our DJs. Remember, you have to perform your set to one of the tracks found here!

Last but not least, check the table above! 407 submissions total! That's not bad at all. But a b-boys to b-girls ratio of 7:1 must be improved on URGENTLY. Come on girls!

TGONu6ctXwg|Breaking for Gold | Become A Legend | DanceSport Total