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Rock 'n' Roll


Acrobatic Rock 'n' Roll, as it is properly called, is a DanceSpot discipline which combines dance with acrobatic elements performed by couples. Rock 'n' Roll is danced mostly to modern-style rock 'n' roll music. The distinction to mixed pair acrobatics or similar sports is that is performed on a dancefloor without any support and that the dance is the mainstay and the acrobatics must be incorporated into a choreographed routine.

In all rounds except the final, the couples dance only one of two types of programmes or rounds: the acrobatic, which lasts from 1:30 to 1:45 and during which the couples need to present five acrobatic elements in all rounds preceding the semi-final and six acrobatic elements in semi-final and final.

Each couple should present 3 types of figures – rotation forward – rotation backwards –  dive (woman landing head down on her partner) – rotation around the body of partner. The couples need to announce their acrobatic figures in advance (similar to what is done in gymnastics) and each acrobatic figure has a specific value.

R&R is judged by two sets of judges – artistic/dance judges and acrobatic judges - plus two technical observers. The role of observers is to check if the acrobatics performed are the ones that were announced.

Acrobatic judges are evaluating the execution of acrobatic figures – safety, height, speed, accuracy –  and make deduction from 5% to 100%. This percentage is then deducted from the initial value of the elements.

Dance judges are scoring the dancing part, which includes technical requirements, choreography, dance figures and dance performance. Deductions are possible for eventual mistakes. The score of both groups is added up to the final score for each couple.

The final has an extra round (programme) – called Footwork where the couples present only their dancing routine without any acrobatics. The music is faster and the couples dance to the music of their choice. This allows the judges to evaluate the story that should be connected with the music.

The points from the footwork and acrobatic rounds (programmes) in the final are added up to the final score.

In Wroclaw, Rock ‘n’ Roll is presented by 14 couples from all. They will start with 1st round – seven heats with two couples in each heat. Only the top four will be promoted directly to the semi-final. The rest will dance a re-dance that will identify eight additional couples to be promoted to the semi-final. In semi-final we will see 6 heats with 2 couples and the six with the highest score will pass to the finals. In the finals, each couple will dance alone. The first dance is footwork 1:00 – 1:15 and then the acrobatic 1:30 – 1:45.

Anna Miadzielec – Jacek Tarczylo, POL, are the top contenders for the first place, but the couples from Russia and Germany could also have a say in who will be the first World Games Champions since 2009, when the French couple made up of Christophe Payan and Kathy Richetta. Christophe, by the way, had already won gold in 2005 Dusiburg – albeit with a different partner.

Because of the difficulty of the acrobatics it is never easy to predict the winners – incidents can and do happen, almost every time when a mistake is made.