Balogh Csaba - Peto Gabriella

General information

Balogh Csaba   (10108186)
Peto Gabriella   (10108187)
Dancing for
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16 September 2016
Current age group
Current status

578. in Adult - Latin with 63 points


About these rankings.

About these rankings

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Excused18 September 2021OpenStandardRising StarsKistelek - Hungary
Excused18 September 2021International OpenStandardAdultKistelek - Hungary
14.18 September 2021OpenLatinRising StarsKistelek - Hungary
20.6318 September 2021International OpenLatinAdultKistelek - Hungary
27.3716 June 2019International OpenStandardAdultSzeged - Hungary
13.16 June 2019OpenLatinRising StarsSzeged - Hungary
23.3915 June 2019International OpenLatinAdultSzeged - Hungary
8.15 June 2019OpenStandardRising StarsSzeged - Hungary
203.2124 March 2019World OpenLatinAdultPieve Di Cento (BO) - Italy
114.1923 March 2019World OpenStandardAdultPieve Di Cento (BO) - Italy
87.2014 October 2018International OpenLatinAdultVigevano - Italy
55.2113 October 2018International OpenStandardAdultVigevano - Italy
22.11409 June 2018World OpenStandardAdultBrcko District - Bosnia and Herzegovina
34.8409 June 2018World OpenLatinAdultBrcko District - Bosnia and Herzegovina
31.25 November 2017OpenLatinRising StarsMilano Malpensa - Italy
20.24 November 2017OpenStandardRising StarsMilano Malpensa - Italy
18.11 June 2017OpenLatinRising StarsSzeged - Hungary
21.4211 June 2017International OpenStandardAdultSzeged - Hungary
29.8920 May 2017World OpenLatinAdultParedes - Portugal
No show26 March 2017World OpenLatinAdultPieve Di Cento - Italy
141.1925 March 2017World OpenStandardAdultPieve Di Cento - Italy
78.23 March 2017OpenLatinRising StarsPieve Di Cento - Italy
38.2225 September 2016International OpenLatinAdultKistelek - Hungary
16.6318 September 2016International OpenStandardAdultNovalja - Croatia
25.9117 September 2016World OpenLatinAdultNovalja - Croatia