Baris Zeytinci - Oyku Yilmaz

General information

Baris Zeytinci   (10095044)
Oyku Yilmaz   (10095059)
Danced for
Joined on
19 October 2015
Current age group
Current status

811. in Adult - Standard with 101 points


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About these rankings

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30.3815 December 2018International OpenStandardAdultVarna - Bulgaria
10.6303 November 2018OpenStandardAdultAnkara - Turkey
Excused22 April 2018World OpenStandardAdultUzhgorod - Ukraine
Registered22 April 2018OpenStandardYouth + Rising StarsUzhgorod - Ukraine
38.2911 March 2018International OpenStandardAdultKyiv - Ukraine
50.3205 November 2017World OpenLatinAdultAnkara - Turkey
8.7504 November 2017OpenStandardAdultAnkara - Turkey
Excused21 May 2017International OpenLatinAdultOlomouc - Czech Republic
Excused21 May 2017OpenLatinRising StarsOlomouc - Czech Republic
48.2320 May 2017International OpenStandardAdultOlomouc - Czech Republic
31.20 May 2017OpenStandardRising StarsOlomouc - Czech Republic
60.19 May 2017European ChampionshipStandardAdultOlomouc - Czech Republic
38.2312 March 2017International OpenStandardAdultKyiv - Ukraine
37.2311 March 2017International OpenLatinAdultKyiv - Ukraine
58.3206 November 2016World OpenLatinAdultAnkara - Turkey
No show05 November 2016OpenLatinRising StarsAnkara - Turkey
13.2805 November 2016OpenStandardAdultAnkara - Turkey
63.3231 October 2015World OpenLatinAdultAnkara - Turkey
13.12030 October 2015World OpenStandardAdultAnkara - Turkey
47.30 October 2015OpenLatinRising StarsAnkara - Turkey