Marek Kosaty - Malgorzata Grzadka

General information

Marek Kosaty   (10007313)
Malgorzata Grzadka   (10007314)
Danced for
Joined on
01 October 2003
Retired on:
31 March 2005
Current age group
Current status


12.5319 September 2004OpenStandardAdultWarsaw - Poland
14.2928 June 2004OpenStandardAdultAlassio - Italy
11.9613 June 2004International OpenStandardAdultOlsztyn - Poland
3.6025 April 2004OpenStandardAdultGliwice - Poland
28.25 October 2003OpenStandardAdultElblag - Poland
28.2425 October 2003International OpenStandardAdultElblag - Poland
6.5004 October 2003OpenStandardAdultPoznan - Poland


Marek Malgorzata
Country of originPoland
I mainly live inPoland
Preferred dancesall dances
Personal strengthsphysical strength
Main trainersAugusto Schiavo

That's Him!

How did you get in contact with Dancesport ?

Our parents bought for us tickets to classes and we both liked itJ

 What is your aim in Dancesport ?

To be a World Champion in Amator and Profesional

Is there something in Dancesport nowadays what you are worried about ?

We would like to dance always everywhere with all the best couples –we don’t want to be prohibited to dance any comp.

 How long are you dancing ?

together from 6 years ,we both started about 13 years ago

 What is your favorite dance ?

All dances.      

Who is your main trainer ?

Augusto Schiavo

 Where do you mainly live ?


Do you have time to meet friends ?

Sometimes, not a lot.


What are you going to do if there is - completely unexpected -  a free day for you ?

 We relax for our maximum.

Do you have any hobbies  beside dancing ?

Reading books.

Do you have other talents which nobody knows so far ?

hmm..not sure.

Which kind of movie could you motivate to go to the cinema ?

Psyhological movie.

 Imagine you are on a lonley island. What are the 3 most important things you would take with you or you cannot imagine to live without ?

Computer, Dance shoes, UV creamJ

 What are you most proud of ?

 Improving Dancing.

 Which of your dreams would you like most to come true ?

To became best dancers in the world.

What are your targets fort he next World Chasmppionship ?

To climb up in this final.

If you meet a person you don`t know, what hits your eyes ?

Aura around this person.

How do you cope with stress and bad mood ?

Listening relaxing music.          

What are your personal strengths ?

Phisical strength.

What is your motto in life ?      

 If You are not became better You became worst.