Omer Firat Kaya - Doga Celikkol

General information

Omer Firat Kaya   (10073656)
Doga Celikkol   (10073079)
Danced for
Joined on
28 September 2016
Current age group
Current status

188. in Youth - Latin with 468 points

1327. in Adult - Latin with 65 points


About these rankings.

About these rankings

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71.15 December 2018World ChampionshipLatinYouthRiga - Latvia
9.16804 November 2018OpenLatinYouthAnkara - Turkey
No show02 September 2018International OpenLatinAdultAdana - Turkey
7.16802 September 2018OpenLatinYouthAdana - Turkey
20.6529 April 2018International OpenLatinAdultIzmir - Turkey
3.13229 April 2018OpenLatinYouthIzmir - Turkey
45.25 February 2018European ChampionshipLatinYouthSochi - Russia
57.12 November 2017World ChampionshipLatinYouthSeoul - South Korea
7.17605 November 2017OpenLatinYouthAnkara - Turkey
No show04 November 2017OpenLatinRising StarsAnkara - Turkey
13.11009 April 2017OpenLatinYouthThessaloniki - Greece
Registered08 April 2017OpenLatinRising StarsThessaloniki - Greece
Registered08 April 2017OpenLatinUnder 21Thessaloniki - Greece
No show05 February 2017OpenLatinAdultAdana - Turkey
No show05 February 2017OpenLatinYouthAdana - Turkey
7.06 November 2016OpenLatinJunior IIAnkara - Turkey
14.10406 November 2016OpenLatinYouthAnkara - Turkey
5.16 October 2016OpenLatinJunior IIAntalya - Turkey
4.22015 October 2016OpenLatinYouthAntalya - Turkey