Pytuvoskiy German - Elaine Soubigou

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Pytuvoskiy German  
Elaine Soubigou   (10044857)
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Not applicable
Joined on
12 November 2010
Retired on:
14 November 2010
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13.13 November 2010OpenLatinJunior IMinsk - Belarus


Pytuvoskiy Elaine
Country of originCanada (Quebec)
I mainly live inFrance (Britany)
Profession or educationSocial worker
Marital statusMarried
HobbiesBridge, lecture, tango argentin, cinéma.
Preferred dancesDanses standards
Personal strengthsDetermined

That's Her!

Up Close!

How did you get into Dancesport; when did you start?

I started in april 2001

What are the fascinations that keep you in Dancesport?

Exercice, discipline, précision, partage d'une même passion, apprendre, évoluer, documentaire historique, music

What are your aims in Dancesport?

write your answer here ...

Is there anything in today's Dancesport that you are worried about?

The cost of lessons and no teacher near of us

Do you have time to meet friends outside of DanceSport?


What would you do if you had an unexpected day off?

Read a good book

Do you have talents other than dancing that nobody knows about - yet?

I don't know myself

What genre of movie could motivate to go to the cinema?

American history movies

Imagine you are on a deserted island!

A good book,  music and water

What are you most proud of in your sporting career or life?

My two children

What dream would you like most to come true one day?

To be younger

What are you looking at first when you meet a stranger?

His physical of course. After, I want to know about his life. I am very curious

How do you cope with stress and bad moods?

I could be better. I am not a champion  but it is life.

What is your motto in life?

When you are doing something, do your best