Sander Johannes Thorbjoernsen Guttorm - Kiil Ann Helen Meyer

General information

Sander Johannes Thorbjoernsen Guttorm   (10102460)
Kiil Ann Helen Meyer   (10094460)
Danced for
Joined on
06 February 2017
Current age group
Current status

1150. in Adult - Standard with 64 points

1282. in Adult - Latin with 66 points


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About these rankings

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Registered05 May 2019OpenLatinRising StarsCopenhagen - Denmark
Registered05 May 2019World OpenStandardAdultCopenhagen - Denmark
Registered04 May 2019OpenStandardRising StarsCopenhagen - Denmark
Registered04 May 2019World OpenLatinAdultCopenhagen - Denmark
31.6609 December 2018World OpenLatinAdultLillestrøm - Norway
9.09 December 2018OpenStandardRising StarsLillestrøm - Norway
39.6408 December 2018World OpenStandardAdultLillestrøm - Norway
12.08 December 2018OpenLatinRising StarsLillestrøm - Norway
41.2117 December 2017International OpenStandardAdultMoscow - Russia
62.1416 December 2017International OpenLatinAdultMoscow - Russia
19.6826 November 2017International OpenLatinAdultLillestrøm - Norway
18.6826 November 2017OpenLatinYouthLillestrøm - Norway
17.9525 November 2017OpenStandardYouthLillestrøm - Norway
23.6722 October 2017OpenStandardYouthHelsinki - Finland
20.7421 October 2017OpenLatinYouthHelsinki - Finland
40.5618 February 2017OpenStandardYouthCopenhagen - Denmark
34.7717 February 2017OpenLatinYouthCopenhagen - Denmark
Registered16 February 2017OpenLatinRising StarsCopenhagen - Denmark
Registered16 February 2017OpenStandardRising StarsCopenhagen - Denmark