Takahiro Akitani - Miho Tahara

General information

Takahiro Akitani   (10103849)
Miho Tahara   (10103850)
Dancing for
Joined on
04 February 2016
Current age group
Master Class II
Current status

22. in Adult - Standard with 197 points


About these rankings.

About these rankings

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16.16001 September 2019World OpenStandardAdultBangkok - Thailand
2.16 August 2019OpenStandardMaster Class IIStuttgart - Germany
5.15 August 2019OpenStandardMaster Class IStuttgart - Germany
50.1215 August 2019Super Grand PrixStandardAdultStuttgart - Germany
15.2516 June 2019OpenStandardAdultOsaka - Japan
27.2810 March 2019Super Grand PrixStandardAdultTokyo - Japan
1.10 August 2018OpenStandardMaster Class IIStuttgart - Germany
7.09 August 2018OpenStandardMaster Class IStuttgart - Germany
43.2509 August 2018Super Grand PrixStandardAdultStuttgart - Germany
11.4504 March 2018OpenStandardAdultHelsinki - Finland
30.2825 February 2018Super Grand PrixStandardAdultTokyo - Japan
34.4016 September 2017World ChampionshipStandardAdultPrague - Czech Republic
Excused10 August 2017OpenStandardMaster Class IStuttgart - Germany
32.3008 August 2017Super Grand PrixStandardAdultStuttgart - Germany
8.08 July 2017Asian ChampionshipStandardAdultHong Kong - Hong Kong
11.4519 March 2017OpenStandardAdultHelsinki - Finland
21.3212 March 2017Super Grand PrixStandardAdultTokyo - Japan
31.4011 November 2016World ChampionshipStandardAdultAarhus - Denmark
3.11 August 2016OpenStandardMaster Class IStuttgart - Germany
50.1309 August 2016Super Grand PrixStandardAdultStuttgart - Germany
17.2803 July 2016OpenStandardAdultTokyo - Japan