Tomas Opichal - Monika Manaskova

General information

Tomas Opichal   (10101078)
Monika Manaskova   (10091204)
Dancing for
Czech Republic
Joined on
17 May 2017
Current age group
Current status

238. in Adult - Latin with 215 points


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About these rankings

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28.4707 March 2020International OpenLatinAdultBrno - Czech Republic
33.3523 February 2020International OpenLatinAdultVösendorf - Austria
24.4502 November 2019International OpenLatinAdultUsti nad Labem - Czech Republic
Registered22 September 2019Universities ChampionshipLatinAdultBratislava - Slovakia
21.4115 September 2019International OpenLatinAdultWroclaw - Poland
37.2609 June 2019International OpenLatinAdultKosice - Slovakia
48.2107 April 2019International OpenLatinAdultOstrava - Czech Republic
60.1910 March 2019International OpenLatinAdultBrno - Czech Republic
44.2003 February 2019International OpenLatinAdultBudapest - Hungary
57.3416 November 2018World OpenLatinAdultVienna - Austria
Excused10 November 2018World OpenLatinAdultWarsaw - Poland
13.5020 October 2018International OpenLatinAdultTrencin - Slovakia
26.3814 October 2018International OpenLatinAdultHradec Králové - Czech Republic
61.2007 October 2018International OpenLatinAdultOstrava - Czech Republic
30.3129 September 2018International OpenLatinAdultJelenia Góra - Poland
35.3409 June 2018International OpenLatinAdultKosice - Slovakia
Present09 June 2018European UniversityLatinAdultKosice - Slovakia
45.1919 May 2018International OpenLatinAdultOlomouc - Czech Republic
66.3210 March 2018World OpenLatinAdultBrno - Czech Republic
44.1729 October 2017International OpenLatinAdultHradec Kralove - Czech Republic
24.01 October 2017OpenLatinRising StarsOstrava - Czech Republic
57.2601 October 2017World OpenLatinAdultOstrava - Czech Republic
50.2810 September 2017World OpenLatinAdultBratislava - Slovakia
32.2921 May 2017International OpenLatinAdultOlomouc - Czech Republic
19.21 May 2017OpenLatinRising StarsOlomouc - Czech Republic