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List of Couples

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DetailsLawrence LiNancy WongCANSenior IVActive
DetailsStephen Sun Wai WooWinnie Tan-Ming WooCANSenior IVActive
DetailsPeter ChenChristina XuCANSenior IActive
DetailsDon PhamAngelyn YeapCANSenior IActive
DetailsDavid WongMaybo YeeCANSenior IVActive
DetailsKevin Yee LoongAngela Yee LoongCANSenior IIIActive
DetailsBen TamFlora YimCANSenior IIIActive
DetailsAllen TorrenuevaLori YipCANSenior IVActive
DetailsPeter ThiFaye YoungCANSenior IIIActive
DetailsReginald YoungRhonda YoungCANSenior IVActive
DetailsKam YoungRosita YoungCANSenior IIIActive
DetailsCurrie ChanJing Liang YuCANSenior IVActive
DetailsHeung Sub SoLina YuCANSenior IIIActive
DetailsHorace Fenghua HuAgnes Xiaoguang YuanCANSenior IIActive
DetailsDjun KimShirley YueCANSenior IIIActive
DetailsMark Jun MaLinda ZhangCANSenior IIIActive
DetailsKris DrozdzenskiSherry ZhengCANSenior IIIActive
DetailsAleksandar VlasevVictoria ZhuCANAdultActive
DetailsAdam ZielinskiAnita ZielinskaCANSenior IIIActive
DetailsSylvain DesaulniersGinette ZnackCANSenior IIIActive