Ranking of Senior I Latin

The following results are from the IDSF Open taken place in Guernsey - England on 12 October 2008


1.Gwenael Lavigne - Stéphanie GodetFRA10080
2.Steve Witherington - Sue WitheringtonENG8064
3.Andreas Krause - Karin SaleinaGER7056
4.Michael Honig - Bettina SterrGER6552
5.Mikhail Kotsar - Olga MelnikRUS6048
6.Jean-Yves Murzin - Christine MurzinFRA5544
7.Gordon Maguire - Deborah MaguireENG5040
8.Michael Brown - Katie BrownENG4838
9.Steve Holes - Tina HolesENG4637