WDSF Open Latin Under 21 - Rome

if this competition changes.


29 November 2013


Rome - Italy

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World Ranking

Coefficient: 1.35

Additional information

  • Your and partner name +WDSF ID number.
  • Your class where you will to dance.
  • Remember both dancers need WDSF ID numnber.
  • You can pay the fee with at the competition place.

The entries will be closed on 15th of November and the startlist will be available for couples from 26th of november.

Prize money for couple. WDSF, World Open Standard and Latin 

1. 800€
2. 700€
3. 600€
4. 500€
5. 400€
6. 300€
All semifinalist 100€/per couple

Price information to Competitors

All WDSF Categories included (Adults World Open Standard and Latin)  50€/Couple
All WDSF Categories Junior - Youth 30€/Couple
All the couple can dance how many competition they want with the single fee. 

Entrance ticket prices for visitors

20€/person per day (only through the website www.romaopen.eu)

Table seat

30€/person per day (only through the website www.romaopen.eu)

Information for Seats and Tickets  General Manager Andrea Fanasca +39 342.6243837

Reserved tickets should be paid to bank account within 1 week's period. Otherwise your reservation will not be in power anymore and your tickets will be sold out.

You will received purchased tickets at the entrance to sport hall.


  1. Round 2. Round 3. Round Final
Couples danced 47 24 12 6
Couples set